dimanche 29 janvier 2017

Roland Moreau (Réalisateur et Acteur)

J’ai rencontré Roland Moreau (en bleu, à gauche sur la photo) en 1992, lors de mon premier stage à Paris avec Zygmunt Molik, au Quai de la Gare, au 4° étage, dans une grande salle avec une moquette bleue.
Roland Moreau commence par réaliser des films Super 8 et à jouer au théâtre comme comédien amateur puis professionnel. Après une licence d'histoire, et un premier emploi chez un prestataire de service audio-visuel, il devient monteur, scénariste, et réalisateur. Entre fiction et documentaire il réalise des films qui parlent de l'homme, de la création artistique et de la société.

Nous avons  travaillé ensemble sur son film « L’homme qui marche » en 1996. Je joue le rôle de Jérôme. Jérôme profite d'une panne de voiture pour s'évader à pieds du quotidien, avec devant lui : disponibilité, nature et temps ... Il part dans une randonnée pédestre qui le mènera à traverser la France.
Nous  réfléchissons actuellement à un projet de documentaire sur le parcours de Zigmunt.

Ci-dessous un extrait de « L’homme qui marche » avec Adama Kouyaté et moi-même.

jeudi 5 janvier 2017

Témoignage, James Laver

Dear Jorge,

Thanks for the message, and I hope you and Zoe had a safe journey home.

I’ve been wanting to write since the workshop, but I’ve found it difficult to know what to say.  Perhaps its because so much of the work is happening at a physical and subconscious level it’s difficult to put it into words.  Well, now I’ve had a little time for it to start sinking in, I’ll do my best to share my thoughts!

Firstly I want to say how fortunate I feel to have spent a week with you and Zoe.  It’s amazing to have an insight on this work at all given how rare an opportunity it is, but also the two of you worked so well together to help us explore and find new things within ourselves (Zoe’s translation is amazing!).  I was astonished how quickly people opened up to the work as singing often makes people very self-conscious.  Thank you both for your spirit, passion and patience.

I was so happy to discover the Voice and Body work, especially having been in the Chekhov workshop earlier in the year.  I felt I was able to continue building on what has gone before.  It feels like so many of the ideas are different windows in on a central truth about the unity of body, mind, breath and voice.  You slowly develop a feel for it through the exercises, but it is very hard to express in words.  My biggest concern is that my sense of it will fade, almost like a dream that is vivid when you wake up, but half-forgotten by lunch-time!  I’m including different letters of the Body Alphabet in my warm-ups in an attempt to keep it all fresh in mind and body.

I had some wonderful experiences during the week.  The group singing was such beautiful and elegant ensemble work - the need to be aware of all the sounds in the group, but also monitor yourself - how perfect for actors?  The sense of freedom that came through some of the exercises took me by surprise.  At times my voice came so easily that I could barely tell I was still singing.  Discovering and feeling resonance in places I had never imagined was another wonderful surprise, as well as discovering the connection between the physical gestures of the letters and the support they give to breath and voice.  And as I told you on the final day, the spirit of play that you always bring to the work was also a delightful reminder.

All this feels very much like steam of consciousness rather than a neat summary of my thoughts on the week, but I don’t really know how else to write about it!  Perhaps that is as it should be?

Thank you for sharing this valuable work with us in such a caring and generous way.  I’m happy that you seem to be enjoying the journey that it’s taking you on together, and I get the feeling that Molik’s legacy is in safe hands.

Until next time,
Much love to you both,
James (08- 2014)

James Laver is a British actor and magician. He graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MA in Mathematics and Philosophy before going on to study acting for a further 3 years at The Oxford School of Drama, one of the leading drama schools in the UK. James has lived in Thailand since 2007, and he now performs with a number of different theatre companies in Bangkok.