lundi 6 avril 2015


Dear Jorge,
This workshop gathers people form different professions, with different reasons for attendance and different theatrical and musical experience or background.
This continuing learning experience, and this specific method has turned out to be a very effective tool to use when I’m working with my voice. Moreover, in my opinion it is also a perfect tool used to examine how the body-voice think, react and work.
Scores, that are being created from the letters are a solid theatrical method not just for the professionals. This method not only  improves the voice, but also stimulates the creativity, teaches how to work with a partner, a group, an environment. In addition, it strengthens the receptivity, and teaches humility.
Despite the fact that the alphabet letters are designed to suit people different ages and abilities, the workshop can be challenging. Even though you need to be physically fit for the workshop, the biggest effort is exercising the weight of what’s here and now, and being brave enough to ``give yourself a voice``.
This method can also be used to work with the script to discover its new versions and give the word an appropriate sound.
For me, the most important, beneficial and challenging thing that I have started learning during this particular workshop is hearing and understanding your own voice, that is being born inside of you.
Jorge Parente is Zygmunt Molik’s student who inherited his theory and now shares it with others. He is a wonderful teacher who guides you through the obstacles in order to find and free your natural voice.
The work during the workshop is hard, intensive but brings you a lot of pleasure, therefore I feel proud to recommend it to everyone who wants to perfect their voice and find its meaning.
Joanna Kusz, le 6 déc. 2011

Joanna Kusz is a performer from Poland, graduate of Cultural Studies (Performance) in the University of Wrocław. Her Master’s thesis was a study of the Voice and Body method of Zygmunt Molik. She has participated in Jorge Parente’s work sessions since 2011. Joanna is a practitioner of Kalarippayattu. She follows the seminars of the Body Constitution program at the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław.